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Honky-tonk country in a nutshell!  Dusty's first album and still one of his most popular. 12 tracks of slice of life, cry-in-your-beer real country music with touches of outlaw country and blues.  

The album includes everything from a country waltz to the dramatic country rock of  I Understand, and even a Ray Price flavour in There Stands the Jukebox.  

Listen for flavours of Waylon Jennings, Buddy Holly, Ricky Nelson, even a touch of BB King. Like all of Dusty's country albums, "The Sound of Lonesome" features a wide range of honky-tonk country styles.

The Sound Of Lonesome Album :  $12.00 Canadian ($10 US).

Click on any SONG TITLE to hear that track.  Ready to buy?  Download the Order Form  (or download the full Catalogue to have all the album info in print form).  

The Sound of Lonesome (2:50):  I know the sound my heart makes when it's breakin' / it sounds just like when you walked out the door....  What does lonesome sound like?  Listen and learn.  Traditional, cry-in-your-beer country with a Waylon beat, lots of twang and real-life lyrics.

Sing the Blues, Country Boy (2:16):  She was the only love you've ever known / that's why it hurts to wake up and find that you're alone... Lively country shuffle about loving and losing - she's gone, she's not coming back; sing the blues, country boy. Typical bar-band music with a danceable beat.

The Best Thing (I'll Never Do) (2:50):  This morning I looked in the mirror / just to see how I'd look without you… Country weeper in waltz time.  She's gone and he'll forget her - NEVER.

Grey-Eyed Woman (2:28):  Wants to try to settle me down / now I'm learning to be true…  A blend of Buddy Holly and Ricky Nelson in a lively country-rock love song.  A tribute to a beautiful woman.

Next Time for Sure (2:20) This time I almost made it all the way out the door / someday I swear I'm going to leave you... Pure honky-tonk shuffle about a rocky love affair.  Provides most of your daily requirement of Telecaster twang.

I Understand (4:02) Then one night in a honky-tonk it all comes back on you / You start to come down, it’s just another town, you don’t know what to do...  Stark, brooding country rock about the dark side of the country music scene.  Dedicated to all my fellow pickers who didn't make it.

There Stands the Jukebox (3:19)  I wish that I could tell you how my story ends / How the fool finds a brand new love and how his poor heart mends...  Traditional country, verging on Ray Price style western swing.

Nothing's Changed (3:51)  I’m still here and she’s still gone / You know, love comes and goes, but the blues stay on and on...  Something different - a BB King-style slow blues but with a bit of country twang.  She's gone, I'm still here and it's just the same ol', same ol'.

As Long As There's a Jukebox (3:21)  She may not be gone forever / but she's sure gone for the night... Lively, classic up-tempo two-step with a lot of twang and a Waylon/outlaw beat.  Typical real country song about a cheating woman and the guy who loves her too much to leave.

What I'm All About (3:07):  I’m a little bit rowdy, I’m a little bit shy / A little bit of crazy look in my eye...   A bit of country whimsy with a lot of truth in it.  A Cajun feel to this one with accordion added to the guitars and drums.

Two Hearts Beating (2:53):  We're dancin' to the sound of two hearts beating....  A country love song with a 50s feel, a Latin beat and an intimate sound.  Two young people - all they've got is each other.  Sometimes that's enough.

We've Got A Real Thing (2:22):  We ain't good lookin, but honey, ain't we got style!...  A love song for the rest of us!  Happy country shuffle with a light tone.

Album produced, manufactured, and distributed by R.J. Woods Productions. All songs ©1998 Ronald J. "Dusty" Woods, all rights reserved.  This compilation ©1998  Ronald J. "Dusty" Woods, all rights reserved.  Graphics ©1998 Jeri-Lynn Woods, all rights reserved Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.  Made in Canada.


Download the Order Form (or the full Catalogue to have all the album info in print form).  Fill out the order form and mail it in with your payment.  

Orders are shipped within 1 business day of our receiving them.  Shipping is by Canada Post and takes from 2-10 days within Canada, or 2-5 weeks to US/International addresses.  You'll find full details on the Ordering Information page.

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