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Solid country honky-tonk the way Dusty likes it - straight up.  Cry-in-your-beer country, country rock, a two-step with a definite Canadian flavour, and the defiant swamp-rock of Straight Up.  

Listen for flavours of Hank Williams Jr., Merle Haggard and Dwight Yoakum.

Special note:  Memory Lane is dedicated to Dusty's dad.  All profits from Memory Lane will be donated to the Alzheimer's Society.

Straight Up, No Rocks Album:  $12.00 Canadian ($10 US)

Click on any SONG TITLE to hear that track.  Ready to buy?  Download the Order Form  (or download the full Catalogue to have all the album info in print form).  

Straight Up (2:58)  It's getting so nowadays I don't even turn on the radio / they don't play nothin' I want to hear...  Forceful, defiant swamp rock with a moody take on the current state of country music and Nashville.  Sounds like a Hank Jr. rant.

Since You Fell (3:26)  I'm not drunk tonight, I wanted you to know / I passed that point several drinks ago... Classic cry-in-your beer country about losing her love, from the twangy guitar to the very country vocal.  Slow and sad; reminiscent of early Merle Haggard.

Settle-Down Kind (2:08)  Somewhere on the blacktop or down a gravel road / there must be something I need to find… Some folks are just born to wander.  Light and lively country song about a wandering man.  Toe-tapping beat contributes to the moving-on feeling.

For All Time (4:52) You'll walk the aisle and say those vows / I won't see it, but I'll know somehow… Slow, sad country ballad - she's getting married, but not to him.  Clean, minimal instrumentation contributes to the tender heartbreak.

Stumble Inn (3:21)  I got a table at the Stumble Inn / where I'm sitting with all my friends / a bottle of whiskey and lowdown memories...  Rockin' country song about a place we all need to go now and then to cry in our beer.  Real country lyrics with driving country rock instrumentation.  

I Wish I Could Have Heard It From You (3:51)  I guess now I know you no longer love me / but I wish I could have heard it from you... She's already moved on and he didn't even know they'd broken up.   Slow, sad ballad with a quintessential country weeper vocal and lots of twang.

I Saw The Saucer (2:16)  Heard a funny noise, went to look outside / it was the little green men come to take me for a ride... The story of a good ol' boy, a saucer, and a bunch of little green dudes, in a light-hearted country rock vocal.  This wasn't as well recorded as I would have liked, but too funny to
do over.

Cold Wind From Montana (3:07)  Nighttime on the prairies / there's a sad Alberta moon…  Real country two-step about loving and losing, with twangy guitar and a Canadiana flavour.

Eugene (2:19)  Traded in his saddle for a brand-new pickup truck / ain't as much excitement, but at least the thing don't buck…  Acoustic country-folk with a light touch and a story based on real life.  I met Eugene Johnny out in the Chilcotin country in British Columbia. You never know where a song will be born - or when.

Cruel, Cruel Fool (2:06)  Hello mirror, what do you say / are you strong enough to face another day...  Too late for regrets.  Classic Dwight-Yoakum style Bakersfield country song about loving and losing. Fast and driving, with lots of harmonies.

Memory Lane (3:01)  Old friends dropped by, he couldn’t remember their names / As he stumbled and fell, walkin’ down memory lane.…  Sad country ballad about a strong man fading away. Dedicated to my Dad, Hank Woods, who died with Alzheimer's.  All proceeds from this song will be donated to the Alzheimer Society.

Modern Day Hero (3:11)  He works in the mines and he drives for a living / he fishes the oceans and serves in the stores....  No super-hero muscles or space guns - just a straightforward yet evocative country-folk song for the real heroes we see every day.  Dedicated to all the guys out there who do what they have to, with no thanks from modern society.

Straight Up, No Rocks album | Dusty Woods.

"Straight Up, No Rocks" album written, arranged, performed, produced, manufactured, and distributed by R.J. Woods.  All songs ©2000 R.J. Woods, all rights reserved.  This compilation ©2000  R.J. Woods, all rights reserved.  Graphics ©2000 Jeri-Lynn Woods, all rights reserved.  Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.  Made in Canada.

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